About K Kombucha

One of the things I enjoy doing is making this delicious often misunderstood (for the vinegary smell it’s associated with) elixir more palatable- something so good for you should taste and look good too! I guess you can say I wanted to offer people the full taste experience - thus the delightful colours and fragrance of K Kombucha.

My story? I worked in advertising for most of my career and one day fell really sick. I wish it didn’t take cancer during pregnancy for me to see a different perspective and slow down to smell the tea but it did. During one of my rabbit-hole-night-reading trying to make sense of everything, I came across readings on gut health and illness. Equipped with this new curiosity, I dabbled in creative ventures as a form of therapy and brewing Kombucha was one of it : ) After all, recovery from illness isn’t just about the physical aspect but a lot of it was also mental and emotional and there’s nothing more therapeutic than creating something out of nothing.

The K in K kombucha stands for my daughter’s name Keisha. If it weren’t for her, I would not be here and none of this would exist. This magical adventure brewing tea and everything it stands for really truly makes it - Keisha’s Kombucha.



for gut health


taste & colour

No added preservatives

No added

Green tea

Brewed with
locally sourced
green tea

Herbs, flowers and fruits

Infused with herbs,
flowers and fruits

Background kombucha

Our Kombuchas

Mother Earth

Caring for your gut & mother Earth

Just like you, we’re environmentally conscious. With K Kombucha, you can enjoy our kombucha and take care of the environment by:

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    Return bottles and receive RM1 off your next purchase

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    Refill your own bottles for a special price of RM35/litre

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